In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I just come to Lab in Bldg 10 BC I need to finish, but I am feeling like posting the photos and to tell you who and what they are doing to me

on May 16, 2012

I feel it is my right.  I am sick and tired of their abuses.  How they just harm my back, my knees, my brain or whatever they please.  I am sure that this pigs and coward are thinking that some of us are their slaves.  They do not know what it means to make me feel frustrated and to be swearing against them.  I swear I tried to ignore and do just my assignment.  I swear I tried to totally ignore them and their abuses, but to feel my head hurting when I need to do.  Who do they think they are to work me and force me to fail.  You had lost my pity, my care; you had been killing softly my good Samaritan feelings.  For God sake.  Please reconsider and stop.  Today I heard some comments in my DGME 100 class.  Some people feel that why someone I believe me feel so special to be the only one communicating or to be acknowledge by God.  I never say, I am the only.  In fact he does say through the Wife of Noble Character that they are many in this world.  He praise not only me, but all women.  Now how many of you feel that you are one of them it is something else.  How many of you acknowledge any communication between you and him that something else.  I do as I never did because I felt something different in 2003 at the Cathedral Hill Church as I saw the two different Holy Bibles on front of Virgen Guadalupe.  Or as I felt him near the South City mountain sign, or as I felt him in my Lago property, but how many of you do?

I asked in my class today.  Who have the right to choose your friends because if I do, certainly I would force you to like me and not hate me to make my life easier.  Of course is a joke, no one can force you to like me as no one can choose the friends of anyone and therefore God has the same right.  I do not think, I am special, beautiful or so.  I feel normal and if anything perhaps he feels sorry and I beg him for help.  And if anything perhaps you had made me special because you all are attacking me.

Abraham was one of those special people who could see him and hear him.  Aside him was someone else that he took with him.  Noah was special he let him to go with his family and did not destroy him or his family, but why did he choose them?  Well, answer to yourself why do you like your friend and why you hate me?  Because your friend is special, because he thinks like you.  Because he does appreciate and respect you.  Because with him you feel nice and happy and why do you hate me? well, I will not answer to you because I feel that I am just doing what he please and truly believe he is doing it for the sake of millions and what else can I do!

If anything I can tell you is if you believe in him.  Keep on talking to him.  Keep on doing as he please and he might answer you and choose you as his special stranger like he did with me.  But just know that you may pay the price and you will get the hatred of many as you get his friendship, but no matter what I feel it is worth because of the way he make me feel and that is what I like to sing for him.

It’s the way you make me feel, Eloi Yahweh!  Come on Babies, let do so: Rah, Rah, Rah: Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh!


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