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It took me almost nine months for honor MC Kenna to deny my request

on May 15, 2012

When finally honor Jakubowski denied my responding request for nullify of marriage granted me a spousal support for $400. Finally in 2010 since 2006 as he filed for a divorce. From it  and $74 were granted as child support. Jakubowski said: “I could request an extension after the scheduled $327. First year; $ 227. 2nd year and since August $127. Well Hon. MC Kenna denied BC of many years of spousal support as he wasted 15 years of my life. For first time she made h just for less than a month, but never done to split the expenses of the forced supervised visitation imposed since 2005 until 2010 even though I never violated not even the TRO imposed by GREENBERG FOR NO REASON. Well, MC Kenna changed her order & left everything to his discretion. For the last year I had been visiting telling the business about the court order and his decision to let us be in the place. Since January he stop sending the $127. He sent a note, but what bother me is that he did not asked for more child support as I asked for an increased. Honor asked him & he said no. She denied my request, but despite the fact of his answer: she granted child support for the same amount. I feel she was bias and BC of his answer I had accepted his note saying: “I’ve no money, I will give you your spousal support when I do,” but bother me how they forced me to. Buy to my child knowing that he is suffering the worse and I cannot do anything to protect him. Today, his dad said: “he never take care; I know is not baby. I know they just take from us.” In 2008 it was the Lego Harry Potter. They made me spent my saving almost $ 2000 as I though I was going to jail and I was not going to see him.
One cost me $150. We played & put it together for his step mother dog to bite and destroyed it & now he said his skateboard is gone. Since I got it, baby never used it and he had told me he did not want to use it to preserve it. I knew, but sometimes I feel it’s too much all the abuses. I cannot imaging the suffering of many in this country, but sometimes I feel these people are so miserable.  They are making me to spend on what they do not let him to use or enjoy.  They are so miserable, I am not the only one being abuse this way.
About a year ago, for one time only. My son let me take my granddaughter to San Jose to go see uncle JA. They were happy, but one Mexican made both to play in one machine and as he hit back the chip hit her finger. I would though was an accident, but the Mexican followed us and an Asian went by telling me that it was not only fun. I used to think that hate was not for me, but misery just bring misery. Sometimes is hard for me to figure out their sole miserable reason and I cannot helped.
It took me a year to come after I divorce first time back in 1986, but if I would know then what I figured out; I wouldn’t ever come. I just hope God let me go with my whole family away: my three children and granddaughter BC in this country is no rights, freedoms, democracy or respect of no kind.

As many other morning they had been trying to force me to stop coming to CSM and get my certificate and be in the ceremony of graduation.  In any of the events they usually apologize because they forget, but this time they better not forget about to call or to bring my name on the list.  I am asking God to let me share with the poor College District of San Mateo and I will do.  A few minutes ago I was forced to pi in my pants.  Three times I had type my script and my series document proposal because even though I registered that the file was not containing it.  Happens everywhere, people believe that they are saving, but they do know what we are doing and they do make sure they will get a copy and you just wrote the theme and the idea for them.  Robbers, pigs and cowards.  A color woman was going back and forth.  I was able to feel her as I usually do.  I got a photo of her and they better not pits me off because I will start posting their faces.  No matter what I had been telling everyone here, everyone publicly and no one cares.  They go by my vehicle and I hurt everything because they are doing so even the police does and for my safety I better publicize their faces or description.  No one can tell me anything about it because they are hurting me.

In my DGME 118 I am having problem doing my last two assignments, the final exams it is that.  I came Friday, and came yesterday and today and someone was there.  Worse of all was yesterday the lab attendant helped me, but someone just scratch my name.  But if you read the history book of Remini you will realized that for years they had been doing the some to millions.  God it is very shameful to see how dirty they are and worse of all they are seating in Congress, they are the members of the House of Representatives.  Go read about the Tariff of Abominations or about the Trail of Tears.  I have no words as in Iraq for Sale.  Whatever, I am just begging God to come sooner because this is way too much.


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