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It’s depressing to see my high vision of the Americans goes down

on May 14, 2012

But reading Remini historic book; I feel that the Compromise were never approach with a positive attitude and that many had never overcome the horrendous crime perpetrated by many: all colors and races. I feel that without me knowing they are having a vengeance against me that all my life thought and admired all. For God sake what they done to the Indian Americans who welcome and helped them to succed it is horrible. What they done through slavery no less, but I feel we are about to see the other side of the coins. In many of the courses or “sciences classes, I’m feeling that they are changing and enhancing one race, but I’m sure there is none better. Wrong pay w/ wrong doesn’t make it right.
I sometimes get to that point of hatred when for years I had been begging publicly and no ones cares. I am not exactly sure of the reasons, but I cannot even find the words to say anything. Who do I think I am to tell anyone, but I’ll try BC where are we going?
Perhaps an ignorant in my family did as much harmed as many others had done to me and my family. I’m no one to judge, but I’m a human and I can just forgive you if you repent and if God who can see your heart forgive you. I have absolutely anything to say, but you must repent. Otherwise, I’m not the kind of person who will forgive just BC. I can understand the suffering of the Indians, of the slaves people, but I also read about revenges and I always though very highly of the Americans who were able to overcome, but seem that is not so go read Remini almost at the end starting where he talked about Clinton and I just hope that the majority will try as this poor ignorant (me) to do something. Begging you for help!


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