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I just register my series first draft of “it’s time to put the dot in the eye” under No. 1581236

on May 14, 2012

I cannot upload it because my files are not available due to the “terms written.”  In reality I had none that they normally said it is not Ok because I am accusing the government of the U. S. A.  In fact, is related to what I discovered and I had been trying to publicize for years in many areas in the Bay Area, CA or throughout the United States of America using Interstate 10, 70 and the main roads going to N. Y. Miami Florida and Corpus Cristi since 2005.  Many for years had known what I recently discovered for the last, I will say seven years, but goes back to the year 2000, 2003, 2005 2007 and so on and forth as the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s servant (Real name of Jehovah).

The document has a title “IT’S TIME TO PUT THE DOT IN THE EYE” people wil get to know the laws and government system by Estrellita De Jesus Benavides Lopez


A good News Reporter who wants the citizens of this country to be more literate in regards to social issues and the way they government operates.  It works with a panel of individusls having relevant, but different kinds of careers that will serve as a council that is knowledgeable in the way citizen should approach the issues presented: a lawyer, a sociologist, a psychologist, and economist, a government District Attorney, and 10-15 citizens w3ho will participate with their understanding, expectations and overal wisdom.


Estrellita De Jesus

P. O. Box 2741

Redwood City, CA 94064

650 921-2084

WGAw Registration Number: 1581236


Structural like LAW AND ORDER AND THE REALITY OF THE ACTUALITY SHOW, or better.  Each episode begins with an introduction of the issue by citizens who are and did experienced the drama; they will give the background and the final outcome.  The knowledgeable representatives will participate with their point of view from the legal ways in which was addressed: “The pros or con” and in short the possible solutions.  The citizens will make their statements and will in general evaluate the way the matter was handle and what they think is totally out of standards from either approach: the government way of handle or the citizens understanding or evaluation of proper or non-proper approach of the law interpretation or handling. 

. . .



Estrellita De Jesus (the hero)


De Jesus’ colleagues are no less; they are very professionals and investigate the matters very throughly, deeply and concise.

. . .


. . .


. . .


Atacjed was the script posted last week as first show or so.

Mainly what I am trying to do is to protect my efforts and talents, poor in English due to the religious persecution, but full of content and good intentions.  Based on my personal experience and what I happened to observe and heard in the court system of California, The San Francisco Federal Branch and the two main jails where I was held about 4-5 times for no reason.  I called it My Miserable life.

Reading Remini History book and I believe page 714 you can find some facts:

in 1980 300 millions of Asians came to U. S. A. supposedly all are smart and talented.  According to my observations good number of them had been robbing with support of government representatives the talents of the poor and fatherless which even the court system take and isolate to waste, rob and destroy them.  They figure as I that mind and body is a computer.  Just the soul’s home.  They invade us using tricks: One Mexican fake a pain in 24 hours Fitness pool and as I helped her she did invaded me.  I hate her because that is killing the trust, the good intention of any samaritan just to enter your soul’s home and to rob you of your talents and preferences. 

What they never figure out even though many read the Holy Bible and know it and I will not say by heart because all they are doing is reading what they do know where is loaded in their mind.  File keepers that Eloi does exists and the fear or the faith on him is the fountain of wisdom.  He can give or take as he please and he can retrieve what anyone takes from others with just a word to clean your soul’s home for good or bad.  We are all his creation.  I cannot emphasize that we are all equally created.  He does not pour more of anything to make a baby, but exercising, trying to learn, appreciating our experiences is how we become whatever we love the most: a musician, a singer, a dancer, a writer, but to get the talents is not enough.  Many interpret a book – 100 or 1000’s times different.


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