In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I worked hard all day trying to knock down Spanish & DGME final assignments

on May 10, 2012

But in Bldg 18 SpAnish lab 2 people went to harmed me: the man hurt my right knee and the Latino my throat. Imoved to Bldg 10. No different, but at least four harmed me: againt two My throat, but not for long BC If I get upset I just return & when they hurt: they get the message. after all, I’m tires for three reasons: police held me out for about half hour or 45 minutes until 11 pm. I ended up crying like now. It’s not easy to know & feel treated worse than animal. To feel that you cannot believe in no one BC they cough, sneeze, used their hair dryer, they weigh near me, flash the toilet, or played with computers or phones and then you feel like dirt or garbage in your eyes or throat. It’s their soul going or sometimes like right now someone went by like coughing: I called them “tisicos” or they go crashing your eyes or hiring your face when they’re upset or go byy vehicle speeding or flying at the beginning was not easy. They done so to make me disease BC the truck shake. It’s every where my hair just itch, but due to the much electricity ni lives ever lived in my head. Well, they’re the only lives I ever got.

I’m feeling better. I believe this is The reason I keep on writing, but they changed The words, they changed to capital & then you’ll not be able to read but is also true that I just have Eloi to talk, but he never answer with a voice.
Oh well, Gonzalez J was The last sucker who took My document. Luckily I printed. But no matter how I search I couldn’t find it. I saved it, but luckily he hide, destroyed just one not both assignments and of course upset I swear. For the last two nights they had woke me up at 2-3:00 am & right now they are numbnong my right foot. Like last night they made me go early to the Spanish class & forced me to hit my leg with a podium twice. Gonzalez as I ce out from the Bldg 10 lab made me crash my teeth. It’s not first time & I got them broken. Don’t blamed me BC I called them pigs & cowards I do when it’s way too much. I’m crying, but sometimes I do BC they are forcing me down others BC it is not easy. Saturday my soul hurt seeing my baby w/ a headache. I wish I’m a man to jumped on the ones hurting him. To know who they are sometimes made me hate as I never did. I always thought it was not worth, but sometimes is hard not to do.


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