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Government and wicked are abusing me and doing everything and anything to not let me graduate!

on May 9, 2012

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Estrella Benavides
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My lowered grades and my many difficulties in the lab.

Estrella Benavides
1:05 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Pinelli
Ms. Pinelli:

Last night, I decided that was not worth to keep on talking to you.  Throughout the night I without bad intention tried to correct the error that based on my native language I heard you to say.  As you may find I do have double the hours required for this course in the lab, about 35 total.  For the last two chapters I had experience many issues that are going from having log in problems, changed in my password and many difficulties to get that re-arranged.  As today, I am suffering the abuses of others in the lab.  In fact, I do have photos of them and I described the time and their physical description which easily will be sustained by many other factors.

Several times my assignments need to be done more than twice.  Some about 6 to seven as I told to Mr. Castillo many times.  The audio system is very deficient and no matter what I struggle to conform with the requirements.  Based on my record, you may find that most of the time I score 100% and the few times I don’t is because after doing them 3-7 times, I feel frustrated and I make errors.  So far throughout the semester I had not have any missed class.  I always participate and I am always on time.  I hope you will considered your lower grades since the indications for the exams are not as clear as you verbally expressed to me you were expecting. 

In general, I feel that you do a good job and perhaps my problem low grade roots is not exactly you, but CSM,  I cannot decide for you, but I feel that not only you this way is being not fair to me.  I have been working very hard to deserve the “A” in your class since is my native language.  I am a well educated person in my own race.  For your information, I was nine-year-old when, I believe God put me to learn Ethics, Sociology, among many others sciences.  I used to help my legal uncle to prepare for his high school examination test.  Certainly, the higher standards of Nicaragua education is not comparable to the poor low education level in this country.  Aside, I graduate after six years of education from high school and I got my first certificate as Secretary.  I worked for years not only as so, but as I went to the University for two or three years, I managed to be the Director of Statistics at two companies: Naviera Nicaraguense and the Empresa Nicaraguense de Cabotaje.  To work as such,  took many courses in the field and I participated in many others events even at International level through the Postal Company of Nicaragua.  My Spanish perhaps is not perfect, but in my own language I am far from being illiterate. 

In the United States since 1992, I had been struggling to learn English and to have a career.  Classes that back in Nicaragua I decided to take not because I did not earn A’s or B’s but because I felt it was important for me to learn the English terminology through the process of learning and going through.  Ashamed, but far from improving my grades to the high dedication of my goal in many cases I earned F’s, D’s and many times I was forced to withdraw the classes to get a W.  You are not asking me, but I am getting my AA degree this semester and I am transferring with more than or so 100 units from CSM as Junior to San Francisco State University.  Many are the English deficiencies I do have, but based on what I discovered: “I am a victim of the system as millions others.”  Ashamed of College of San Mateo because my grades are being lowered in bad faith and my efforts are being stolen.

I really believe that you should reconsider my last two grades of 94 in my second or third test and 88 on the last one.  Please check my scores in the computer and check how many times I tried to do my assignments. I do have available the records in my iPhone, but I do know you do have access to all.  Aside I provided you with a hard copy as you know last time, I reported to you my many issues to comply with my assignments, but so far is just this last unit what I am missing and I am here working and repeating and repeating as suckers like the two last that came today to hurt me for no reason done so.  Three times he made me repeat the same assignment and is the main reason why I am having double or triple the number of hours required in the Lab which is just one hour per week.


Estrella Benavides 

Last night as I came to class, someone forced me to hurt my leg three times.  I was forced to hit the podium of the classroom.  There it was a white girl in the hallway, but also there it was a bottle of water that was used by someone else through witchcraft and technology and please understand as witchcraft the soul movement of a wicked person out of his or her own physical body.
I have been talking twice with my professor and instead of getting straight is getting worse in regards to my grades.  Aside I had been talking to everyone pertinent in the issues for the last year in a half.  Last night as I left CSM without getting into an argument with my “advanced on age teacher” which would made me look very bad and abusive.  San Mateo Police was immediately behind me.  As I arrived to El Camino in San Mateo where I do have parked my red Toyota Truck which was vandalized with the participation of Skyline College, Safeco Insurance, and the towing company that about three months ago or so cranked my truck as a screw was removed from the started.  The mechanic where I took my truck after two days on a weekend at El Camino where I am sure, many others set me up to be abusing me: denying my human rights, my constitutional rights as citizen of this country told me: luckily you did not cranked because if you would do so, the transmission would be damaged.  As him, someone else already told me that the Toyotas Transmission burned out easily.  By experienced I know that is not true, but it is part of the consequences as many vandalized it as part of the religious persecution I had been suffering since I claimed to be the Lord, Eloi Yahweh in his real name not as usually called: “Jehovah.”
Certainly, SMPD as many others abusing authorities, bending laws and denying my rights and freedoms are threaten me.  Three vehicles were there last night.  One of the policemen even used not appropriate language to communicate with me.  Supposedly they cited me and as for the third or fourth time they (Including Redwood City and Belmont Police) had threaten me with the District Attorneys which should be involved to investigate and prosecute the ones who are alienating the Constitution of this country and who robbed my properties aside taking my child legal, physical custody and participated in the raped of him or the ones who denied my request for nullification of my last marriage.
I am begging for help, I am begging for protection.  I am homeless, living on one of my vehicles not because I do like it or because it is easy.  They took my years of work as they denied my due process right denying my forced poverty.  SMPD told me they did legal when they do know that they did not.  They even forgot that they did trespassed my property back in 2004 without a warrant and they were the ones who rejected my raped accusation without explanation.  They were the ones who put me under 51-50 bending the criteria and not informing me of my rights back in 2005 and in combination with San Mateo County Hospital transferred me to San Francisco to keep me out of jurisdiction and there they were holding me not knowing absolutely anything about a Habeas Corpus right.  Yes, finally, I got into court and I was released, but they denied my right to present the issue and Saint Francis Hospital stole my $ 5,000.00 jewelry put on hold as SMPD detained me and set me up at San Mateo County Hospital.  The Saint Francis Hospital Director as many other law representatives just ignored me and the insurance never paid me.
My vehicle is legally parked in an area where is no time limit.  Every single day, I moved it around trying to respect the needs and issues of some business who nicely asked me not to use my right to park as I please on the first basic treatment that we all have.  It is not easy, it is expensive, but many times they just vandalize my vehicle and I ended walking and on the street where they had forced me to be without having any rights to tell you, the people to help me as they just denied my access to public media like twitter from my phone right now, but many times even from public places like the libraries or through my own lab top which do not have internet connection as they please.   Begging for Help, Begging for Protection.  My baby and I are suffering the worse just because I am claiming to be serving the only God.

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