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What a beautiful morning, which started w/tears

on May 7, 2012

Eloi today a young couple came to tell me about what that woman did aside changing my favorite twitter set up w/locked key installed at CSM library: the one that used to take me to The Skyline View. Isn’t that something? Don’t blame me, they’re the ones killing the Americans dream. (Kendall-Soc. 290)said: ” The only significant group of middle- and lower-income economies to close the gap with the high-income, industrialized economies … East Asia. China has experienced a 270 percent I crease in per capita income over the past 20 years.” they are using GDP BC GNI does not include any income earned by individuals or corporations if the revenue come from sources outside of the country. According to World Bank: “China, India & Indonesia were well on their way to becoming “economic powerhouses”in the next 25 years.
But read these: “the global market have affected some workers who have found themselves without work due to capital flight- the movement of jobs & economic resources from one nation to another-and deindustrialization -closing of plants and factories BC of their obsolescence or the fact that workers in other nations are being hired to do the work more cheaply.”
Not only China where 700 millions still poor & 455 live on India. Maquiladoras in Mexico border where many under pay women & children are making smaller the # of wealthy G 8 powerful countries to have less the # of powerful people controlling 1%.
And look what some experts think: “natio al gov’ts are no longer central corporate decision makers and that transnational corporations determine global economic expansion and contraction.
Now, thru producer-driven & buyer-driven corporations are just paying taxes in U.S. Based on the cheap lower exploitation amount pay to the popes in other countries, but the American GNI went down and do not think that the popes really benefit. They computing suicide, they have no gov’t representing them: no rights, no freedoms, no union & what is really happening is the middle-class is being dragged down to the lowest level worldwide up to 99%.
Why BC this way corporations have no one to say anything: they can destroy the environment, they can abuse & exploit everyone. Where are we going? Help! Help!

On Saturday, May 5,12 at BounzCity a woman who photo I took did abused my baby and worked his mind using her phone as she show her son name as mine Joshua something.  My baby said: he felt from the dinosaur because I told him to come down and he hurt himself.  His head was hurting as many times because they not only in this place, but in his school had made his mind to be irritated with noise.  As I tried to read my book when he was laying down in pain.  He asked me not to do so because that gives him headaches: that happens at the school.  I know my poor baby is being abused in many ways.  His father out of no where purchased a skateboard “Red,” but I am sure he did hit him first and to make him to believe that he loves him because he purchased everything for him he got it.  It is not the first time, last court in 2011.  The sixth floor counselor interview him for the first time since 2005 and the same happened as he told her that he did want to go live with me.  Many are the abuses that the poor children of non-wicked are suffering and they are taken “legally by honors who are abusing the law just for the sake and best interest of wicked people in this country and in this world.”  I had never violated the law, my baby legal and physical custody was taken just because I had been trying to publicize what honor Greenberg did and told me: “She could do whatever she please in her courtroom.”  her problem was that I am a citizen of this country and I was not one of the millions who she abuse because they do not speak the English language, or because they do not know how to use the law of the land to defend themselves and many lawyers or advisers are not up to the standards.   In fact the lawyer, I first consulted and presented my family and other issues ended up representing the other side.  Honor was informed, it is not ethical, but it happened.  I am having since 2005 a supervised visitation just because I am publicly accusing government and I am serving the only God as his servant, but not because I never violated the law.  In fact the Temporary Restraining Order that was imposed in 2005 cancelled without me ever done absolutely anything neither before or as I did have that imposed.  My case was classified as Domestic Violence for no reason by Honor Greenberg.  In 2004 was that man who trespassed my property as San Mateo Police also entered my property as I told them not to do so without a warrant.  I ended up in jail for a night because as he forced to enter into my home and pushed me about 3-4 meters, I slapped him once as he was abusing me and as my baby cried and ran onto me; I just picked him up and ran with him to my room.  He stayed in the living room, after a while I came out and as we were talking in a civilized way.  San Mateo Police entered.  The case was rejected by the South City District Attorney Office and I was never found guilty in the court of law of domestic violence.  Instead, I am sure that the case was rejected because I was going to make public how they forced to violent through the used of witchcraft as I discovered.


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