In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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A few seconds ago Eloi told me why I was sleepy as I read on 5/5/12 & why baby’s head hurt as I read for him, but not it: out of no where, he said: my head hurt BC you made me jump”

on May 7, 2012

About 5-6 times he did. 3-4 wild children pushed him: hoonor MCKenna- RWC is forcing me to see how people harm & tried to kill my baby without them giving is protection instead we are set up. There it was a heavy woman whose child’s name was Joshua who tried to harm me and as her many were not able. My baby & her were playing: she called her son & w/him mine saw whatever she show both on her phone! My baby’s mind was worked to see me & blamed me for his fall& pain. God just told me! Dog that bark do not bite and my favor drink Diet Coke dad’s business who is exploiting my baby as her should know what Eloi said: long ago: by nature accident happened that I’m his son last descendant: the one who walk on the water, the one who cure. I’m the one not my children. I do not need a phone to do what others are doing to hurt me: back off! BC Eloi is in between you & I: he’s the one who will take care (worse for you).


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