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Marriage between Same-Sex Humans does not harm society or our children as divorce does

on May 3, 2012

Sociology 100 Spring 2012 Under no concept I am trying to say that I did write it.  Most of my little effort to say is based on someone’s else written articles and I want to publicly thank you.

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Spring 2012




Estrella Benavides


Sociology 100

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marriage between Same-Sex Humans does not harm society or our children as divorce does

It is not easy to try to say what I truly believed in regards the act of marry.  Twice I had been married and divorced thinking that it was my choice and I was deciding my life as I did choose.  Two children were the fruits of the first and one of the second one.   As I recall absolutely anyone really care about my children as I divorce.  Instead, I am publicly accusing Child Protective Service of never given me a reason to take my baby away and give him to the man: “I accused many times throughout many ‘representatives of the law’ of molesting him and I sexually.  No less, San Mateo Police Department who rejected my accusation without explanation and the Superior Court of California who imposed a temporary restraining order for no reason and gave my last baby legal and physical custody to the man who molested us sexually since 2005.”  To talk about moral or religious under normal circumstances is not easy, but here I am: not knowing well how to write due to the religious persecution that millions others like me are suffering in this country and in this world.  I am trying to do so, not because I am an expert in the law of God or the law of the land, but trying to tell others how it is that this people are abusing authorities and discretions for the best interest of very few in power.  You may love the only God, you may hate him or you may never ever heard about him, but based on his commandments many societies moral and principles are base.  We are depriving of happiness to gays; lesbians and we are forgetting their basis rights and freedoms that as humans, they do have.  For years our families and our children had been harm as their primary social structure, their families (legal or biological) and homes broke up and their parents’ are allowed to divorce.  I truly believe that as any other couple: gays and lesbians are sensitive people, which as anyone else respect and abide by “the laws” and has the potential as many others to be able to provide a good home for children; Many same-sex people are taking care of our babies and it is legal. Therefore, marriage between same-sex humans does not harm society or our children and as written on The Articles of Confederation (secretly changed): “They are trying to pursuit their happiness.” And their commitments should be legalized.  Furthermore, humans are not animals because God said that “cursed is the man who has sex with an animal.” And never said: cursed is the man who has sex with another man or a woman who has sex with another woman.

Under no concept, no one wants to assume or infer that you do have a religion and that your reason to not have one is because the head of it are not up to your standards or up to your understanding, but certainly 101 Reasons given partially by Ardell inspired any writer to put the imagination to fly just thinking of one own reasons.

What for some societies is a deviance for others is not in regards to marriage

As everyone else may know, God through the Holy Bible and then humans established the social institution of marriage.  Depending on the societies belief and practices is defined between a man and a woman as in the United States.  Others societies allowed the marry act between a man who can marry to as many women as he can support and so on and forth. Certainly many believe that marriage is about children, but if the relation does not work between the couple, or I should say two people, they certainly are allowed to divorce.  How then can anyone argue that marriage is about children?

In the unabridged English language dictionary, in short, marry means:

1) “To take as a husband or as a wife”;

2) “To perform the marriage ceremonies for two people who wish to be husband and wife.”  [ . . .](Dictionary 1179)

The marriage ceremony means:

“The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. or a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction.”  [ . . .](Dictionary 1179)

Finally, divorce means: “Judicial declaration dissolving a marriage.” [. . .] (Dictionary 575).

So did anyone ever really think that marriage is about children?

Based in The U. S. Census Bureau data numbers and percentages: if we compare the numbers found in 1980 compared to 2010 male householder with own children almost triple as well as without own children and female householder without own children as well as with own children double in the same period.  But the difference in thousands of the 4,000 for families with own children compared to without own children is about three time higher and it seem to be that male are having their household with own children and not as traditionally because the number are indicating that female with own children or without own children did not increase as much.  Many are living with their grandparents, but for sure good number of them are spending many hours in children care centers; neither with their father nor with their mothers.

            These are the numbers

Table 59. Households, Families, Subfamilies, and Married Couples: 1980 10 2010

[In thousands, except as indicated (80.776 represents 80,776,000, As of March.  Excludes members of Armed Forces except those living off post or with their families on post.  Beginning 2005, population controls based on Census 2000 and an expanded sample of households.  Based on Current Population Survey, see text, this section and Appendix III. Minus sign (-) indicates decrease]

[ . . .]

                                                   1980             [ . . .]                              2010 [ . . .]

Families                                 59,550                                                 78,833

With      own children                         31,022                                                 35,218

Without own children             28,528                                                 43,615

Married couple                     49,112                                                 58,410

With      own children             24,961                                                 24,575

Without own children             24,151                                                 33,835

Male householder                  1,733                                                   5,580

With      own children                 616                                                     2,224

Without own children              1,117                                                    3,356

Female householder                          8,705                                                   14,843

With       own children                          5,445                                                     8,419

Without own children               3,261                                                     6,424           [ . . .]

[ . . .]   Census Bureau (Population page 54)

Same-Sex Couple Households (September 2011) said: “Nationally, about 1 percent of all couple households were same-sex couples.” (Page 1)  “They are about 594,000* couples nationally and [just] 115,000* reported having children. (Page 2)[Not in thousands]. *

Living arrangements not only for adults and children’s citizens in this country and in this world are constantly changing.  Many of our babies are living with their grandparents; others spend good number of active hours in childcare centers and many of the babies are living with same-sex couples whether they are biological children of one of the couple, stepchildren or adopted children based on the same sources, the U. S. Census Bureau of data collected from 1980 till 2010. (Pages 52, 53, 54, 56 and 59).  Primarily based on those numbers and furthermore in the complete definition of the terms explanations as defined in the dictionary: children were never mention as part of the conditions or the commitments.

I am totally off in my interpretation of the Holy Bible or what?

It is almost impossible to exaggerate the Ten Commandments effect in subsequent history.  The Ten Commandments are the central stipulation of God’s Covenant with Israel made at Sinai.  They constitute the basis of the moral principles found throughout the Western World and many people claimed to be part of religious group who read and are supposed to be going by what is written in the Holy Bible.  Some of them called:
Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christians, . . . Good number of them claims to belief in the same God.  Now, to understand the different concepts, commandments written in The Holy Bible this analysis will depart from the facts written in it.  It is important to establish them as written:

“It is no coincidence that many of the subjects and themes of the first three chapters of Genesis are reflected in the last three chapters of Revelation.  We can only marvel at the superintending influence of the Lord himself, who assures us that “all Scripture is God-breathed” (2Ti 3:16) and that the men who wrote it “spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2Pe 1:21).”

Certainly, it is very clear that someone thought about the act of marriage and how crucial it is in the basis nuclei of society: “Family,” and anyone who divorces and marry to someone else commits adultery as written (Mark 10:2-12; Mt 19: 3-12) because they are no longer two, but one.  It does not talk about the children, but protect them and basically protect the main nuclear of their own family in any society.  (Holy 1545-6)

In Genesis (1:27), “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Page 7) Since human beings are made in God’s image, they are all worthy of honor and respect; Yahweh is the real name of the only God, The Lord, which is the son, known as Jesus Christ, “The blood and the body;” The Father is known to be “The Alpha and The Omega;” “The beginning and the end,” and the Holy Spirit lives in both of them.

No one ever saw a soul or a spirit, but no gender or sexuality defined it, but when two of them get together in the act of marriage, they both become one, according to the Holy Bible and as written and we are no animals because he said: “Cursed is the man who has sexual relations with any animal.” [See attachment A] (Bible 275), But he also said as written below giving us physical choices which are been denied to some of us just because society is misunderstanding not only the Holy Bible, but it is also forgetting what we originally signed throughout the Articles of Confederation in this country, which was changed secretly as in the Declaration of Independence in which the pursuit of liberty, freedoms and happiness are guarantee.  All together, coming to the same conclusion, God created us equally and gave us inalienable basis rights.

Genesis (2:24), “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (5:1) “He created them male and female and blessed them.  And when they were created, he called them “man.”

Again The Only God referred just to one “man.” Did he forgot that he also created the compliment of man or they are both exactly the same? Who he is to tell us through his commandments? He set up the marriage institution; he determined our days and he does not allow us to divorce.

This is an abstract situation,; physically, we are seeing a couple of humans, but if we are the image of God, the ones who becomes one flesh are the two soul or spirits that we are not able to see.  The one that do not die and have no sex is the soul but physically we wrongfully belief to be a man and a woman when the real life is the one that we are not able to see.

He chose Jacob and through him he built Israel and in many of the Major Covenants in the Old Testament as Ex 19-24; the description said: “ A conditional divine pledge to be Israel’s God (as her protector and the Guarantor of her blessed destiny”; Nu 25:10-13 said: “ An unconditional divine promise to maintain the family of Phineas in a ‘lasting priesthood’ (implicitly a pledge to Israel to provide her forever with a faithful priesthood).”

Now, who is Israel, a man image of the physical human race; his name was Jacob.  He fought with Holy Spirit or God to become the country.  How God does these things to make them to work.  It is unknown, but he renamed Jacob to be called Israel as written.  In the fight, the Holy Spirit hurt Jacob and through it he built the strength of this country, but he always referred of Israel as the “Eve, the She” in God’s kingdom.

The Lord, Yahweh referred of Greek as the prostitute and Israel as the “Eve or the She.”  Certainly, he did not forget that Israel was having a physical male look, but do not wander why he did establish his relationship with her not with him! Man is the female image of God’s kingdom; we are all the “she.”

Davidic 25a 7:5-16 said: “ An unconditional divine promise to establish and maintain the Davidic dynasty on the throne of Israel (implicitly a pledge to Israel) to provide her forever with a godly king like David and through that dynasty to do for her what he had done through David-Bring her into rest in the promised land; Jer 31:31-34 said: “ An unconditional divine promise to unfaithful Israel to forgive her sins and establish his relationship with her on a new basis by writing his law ‘on their hearts’-a covenant of pure grace.

If all “man” for the only God are the “she” why do we just allowed some to marry and some are denied the right to be happy? Because humans created societal principles and rules and we are stereotyping and we are the ones “using for our convenience ‘the children.’ Terms to gain what we please. Not because we really care about the children, and we are just thinking about our political goals or so.  How many others things are been permitted that certainly damaged our children.  Isn’t divorce legal and through it we do disintegrated their nuclei family.

The Ten Commandments are the central stipulations of God’s covenant with Israel, or the people who believe in him, the “She.”  They constitute the basis of the moral principles found throughout the Western world, and they summarize what the one true God expects of his people in terms of faith, worship and conduct (see Ex 20:2-1).

The marriage relationship is to be kept inviolate (Ex 20:14; Dt 5:18; Lev 18:6-23; 20:10-21; Dt 22:13-30) and as the Levites recited to all the people of Israel in a loud voice 27: 15-26: See Attachment A.  God never mention cursed is the man who sleeps with another man and we certainly are not animals.  Neither the woman nor the man who he commanded to marry and multiply is cursed.  We are the image of the only God; we are so special for him that he put absolutely everything that goes through the air, the sea and the earth at our feet.

Our mind and body is carrying the terms enclosed in a computer; we are rational as we are his image and he is the Alpha and the Omega. Our soul, which does not have gender, has the choice not only on the sex preferences, but also on the colors and on any other matter as long as he or she physically speaking abides by his law as written in the Holy Bible.

Many are realizing without saying as many gays and lesbians are struggling to claim their rights as many others keep on denying them arguing that they do disapprove on moral and religious grounds, but which ones.  How it is that we are accepting that we are animals and how it is that God cursed on the ones that have sex with animals.  That is certainly immoral, but a man that lay with another man are not been curse and One can be a woman or a man physically which is different from the spiritual.   God used the generic term “man” for his creation.  Be fair and open-minded not only in the way that we address people trying not to stereotype.  Try to get to know each individual for who he is not only through his clothes, his belonging, but also as he talks, as he thinks and as he treats you.

Many called themselves liberals, democratic but what it means? (Dictionary 1108).  Be liberal, and democratic but not from your own parameters and just remember that your rights ends where others rights begins and vice versa.

[. . .] 2) “noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measure of progressive political reform,” and 4)” favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.” [ . . .]

Based in the Constitution of the United States of America as described in (Remini 51).  We are discriminating; we are denying people, humans of the same-sex the right to pursuit their happiness.  The right of any human to choose and to be accepted as anyone else who does the same decision.

: “We the people of the United States” establish this Constitution – not “we the states” as stated in the Articles of Confederation.  The preamble went on to identify the objectives of this new government: to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defens©e, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. “The document also stated that the Constitution, the treaties, and the laws of the United States “shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

(Gordon  “6) to secure the blessings of liberty – by restraining the powers of government and guaranteeing civil liberties so that people may live in freedom.” Or as clearly stated: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (Gordon 719) [See Attachment C].

The main concern of any society should be our children, our future through them, but the liberal democracy of people who argue that the marriage of same-sex individual harms society made anyone wander if their political attitude isn’t the one really harming the freedom, the pursuit of the happiness of some of our children.

According to Diana Kendal in her 8th edition throughout many chapters said: “babies are born without knowing about blue or pink.  We as society are the ones who sometimes start the gender socialization even before our children are born.  We are the ones who color-coded and gender typed.  But family is not the only factor that determines our gender socialization.  Schools, peer groups, and the media contribute to our gender socialization and in fact our babies spend good number of hours out of their primary family group.”

Many of the factors that determine our perceptions, beliefs, our social behavior are constantly affected by many of the features that keep humans interacting constantly in a world that is changing very rapidly, in a world that is expanding and interacting as we are thinking and speaking.

At this point in my life, I have no religion group preference.  I am not belong to any church, but I do believe in the only God, Eloi Yahweh; I am publicly claiming to be his chosen servant and based on what I found to be part of what he had been guiding me to learn and interpret through the reading of his word in the Holy Bible and the sole intention of this report pursuit not to establish my personal opinion, but the fact that made me conclude that many times society is the one who define the parameters and good number of time we based them or our religious beliefs and practices, but many times, the few selected to be our leaders are having political or economical  goals which are mainly oriented for the best interest of a group, based on the ideas of a tiny group, as we are preaching rights, freedoms, equalities when we are denying those to these “Men,” the image of the only God:   Gays and Lesbians based on my interpretation of the word of the only God. Eloi Yahweh, The Lord, as everyone else are allowed to marry and as everyone else and based on the same criteria for the best interest not only of us as individual, but for our children, divorce is not part of the only God’s approvals; for the best interest of the one flesh and their children no matter if they are biological or not belong to their family.  Gays and Lesbians as everyone else are sensitive people and they should be allowed to marry and through it to establish good homes for many of the children who are lacking one, but mainly I believe that society should think and denied divorce and therefore marry would be a license to have children and family because sex anyone can have with or without the approval of any society as happens daily.  I never heard much about gays and lesbians before I came to this country, but as everyone else they should be able to pursuit their happiness.

NOTE: 5/3/12 I just saw a video called Middle Sex “Redefining he and she.”

             There Noah’s mother said: “that in Genesis is written about man or woman dress code or so.” I had never seeing it.  I am not as many others who can tell you what, who and where is written this or that.  All I can tell you is that: The Lord had anointed me with oil and I had been made a priest forever in Melchizedek priesthood as I understood him without ever hearing or seeing him.  I am as any other human not perfect.  I do have my ups and down, but I am just inviting you to read, be liberal, be democratic.  What for us is perfect for others might be the opposite.  I am not telling you that they are right, they are wrong or vice versa.

I am just mentioning gays and lesbians because I do not know much about natures details and humans understanding and definitions in this matter, but see the video is very helpful and descriptive: “Middle Sex – redefining he and she.”

Certainly back in Nicaragua as in The United States gays and lesbians are being deprived of their rights and of their happiness.  In 1776 as the Constitution was reformed and changed by and for: “We The People of The United States”

Back in Nicaragua until I was 26 years old, I never heard much about racism, or any type of societal impositions on anyone’s right to be mainly happy.  I barely got to know four gays, and I will say gays because it is something that was not much known and hardly ever heard about lesbians.  A human for me was just that a human and it was never relevant his color, his own way of being as long as he or she was not trying to harm anyone and I mean basically kill others.

Three of the four gays were related to me.  Two were from my older children from their dad’s side.  One of them was quiet.  We barely ever so him with anyone else, he used to live alone and far.  The other was younger; since he was a child he did have inclinations to like girl’s things.  He grew up to be very feminist.  He used to take care of his body.  He did like to put make up, take cares of his nail and dress much better than many women including myself.

The other two, one was related to me from my legal mother side.  He is very talented and professional.

As I came to the United States, I learned more about many things.  I came as a mother of two boys.  I never noticed absolutely anything on my second baby.  He is very sweet, unique, smart and talented since he was very young.  He was very mature and understandable.  I used to have more than a mother-son relation.  I used to ask him, how I was looking and so on and forth.  I got in shock to figure out as he told me that he was gay or . . . Not because I do not think highly of them, but it was hard for me to know that he wouldn’t has his own babies.

Furthermore, many of my family members made me feel guilty of his chosen behavior or preferences I was the one who treated him different and I made him that way, they told me many times.   I cannot have plenty of words to thank both of my older children as they helped me to go through the hard moment.  My older son told me: “Don’t feel guilty and tell me what you see when you see him?”  I answered, a beautiful person, my baby, my smart talented baby, my sweet understandable and one of my treasures and again he asked: Are you seeing him different than before you figured out that he is gay? I said: “No,” Do you love him as you used to do before? “Of course, I do was my answer.” And he kept on telling me: “Do not let anyone to make you feel guilty or bad; you had done for us the best and that has anything to do with what you taught us or with the way you always treated us.”

He moved to San Diego, and I am just missing him and his lovely way of being.  Despite this facts, this is not the reason why I got to the conclusion that Eloi Yahweh had never stop anyone from marrying as long as they become one flesh and I also realized that is not a father the one who procreate, but the one who loves and cares for a baby in his own nuclear family.  Gays, lesbian, transsexuals have the same potential as everyone else to love, care, and to teach to our babies.  Some might be better than others, but aren’t we all in the same boat trying to learn as we are trying to teach to our children what is best for them?

In the name of the Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming and Worldwide Redemption will be!

Marriage between Same-Sex Humans Do Not Harm Society or Our Children

            Perhaps my ideas are liberal, but first, I will based them in actual definition of the terms as written in the dictionaries and secondly as written on the selected books in which my report is been based to say that marry is for everyone not just a man and a woman; that humans are not animals based on the Holy Bible and our creator and that he never prohibited any man to marry to another man or a woman to another woman.  Certainly, I understand that they are interpreting marriage as everyone else to certain extend because I am no one to say how do they feel, but there is no doubt for me that they are wishing to be husband and wife and they are wishing to pledged themselves to each other without legal sanction, and mainly to be accepted as such because they are trying to pursue their happiness.  I truly believe that marriage between same-sex humans do not harm society or our children.  Instead I feel that divorce harms society despite “marriage gender stereotype.” The law of this land, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence guaranteed that “All men are created equal” and “Are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights,” including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Therefore, I support marriage between gays, lesbians based on the law of the land, and also on the law of the only God, Eloi Yahweh who through his commandments never denied that basis right to pursue their happiness to anyone.

To talk about moral or religion under normal circumstances it is not easy, but we are depriving of happiness to some humans: Gays, lesbians, bisexual, and we are forgetting their basis rights and freedoms that as humans, they do have.  For years our families and our children had been harm as their primary social structures: their legal or biological parents are allowed to divorce and this country as many others are allowing that to happens without wandering if we are harming our children, our society through the disintegration of one of the main, the basis group of any new member of human kind, of God creation: “Man.”

According to the Holy Bible, the only God established commandments and guidelines for humans to comply in order to be bless for their obedience or curse for their disobedience, but also everyone knows how many countries, societies, races and groups defines their laws, rules and regulations that at time may started as deviances, but through times some had been accepted as part of our customs, or culture acceptances.

Some societies accept the social institution of marriage as something that was established by humans and it is defined between a man and a woman; others accept one man with many women as long as he can support them or so.   Certainly many believe that marriage is about children, but if the relation between the couple does not work, they are in many places allowing divorcing.  They are allowed to pursue their happiness, to disintegrate the family nuclei of their children if there is any. It is

Note: Dr. Minu

Since you assigned the report, I had worked hard, but for many reason that I believed are known by many, I ended up finishing it on 4/30/12 very late, but I will add luckily because as I tried early in the morning this is what I could done and I was not allowed to print.  I just did find it again as I thought that I lost the file at the CSM library.  Neither the librarian nor I realized that I saved part of it prior someone else decided that my file was a read only file.  See my tweets where I published the abuses I am suffering.

Certainly, this is the second time, I tried without ever had a class using MLA style instructions.  Just reading and trying hard to follow the rules that might not be updated on the old book that happened to purchase as the libraries tried to get rid of them because they are old or at the second store trying to have references that I used when everyone tries to close all the doors on me to keep me illiterate due to the religious persecution I as millions others are suffering.

Please take note and consider my explanations. Thanks,

Estrella Benavides

In the name of the Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming and Worldwide Redemption will be!


Dt 27: 15-26

  • “Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol – a thing detestable to the Lord, the work of the craftsman’s hands – and sets it up in secret.”
  • “Cursed id the man who dishonors his father or his mother.”
  • “Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor’s boundary stone.”
  • “Cursed is the man who leads the blind astray on the road.”
  • “Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow.”
  • “Cursed is the man who sleeps with his father’s wife, for he dishonors his father’s bed.”
  • “Cursed is the man who has sexual relations with any animal.”
  • “Cursed is the man who sleeps with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother.”
  • “Cursed is the man who sleeps with his mother-in-law.”
  • “Cursed is the man who kills his neighbor secretly.”
  • “Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.”
  • “Cursed is the man who does not uphold the words of this law by carrying them out.”
  • Note: Blessing for Obedience or Curses for Disobedience are not included, but in (Page 274-275).

In the name of the Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming and Worldwide Redemption will be!



Ex 20: 1-17 (Page 116-7)


And God spoke all these words: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

  1. 1.     You shall have no other gods before me.
  2. 2.     You shall not make for yourself an idol . . . , but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.
  3. 3.     You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
  4. 4.     Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.  . . . and made it holy.
  5. 5.     Honor your father and your mother.” . . . God is giving you.
  6. 6.     You shall not murder.
  7. 7.     You shall not commit adultery.
  8. 8.     You shall not steal.
  9. 9.     You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
  10. 10.  You shall not covet your neighbor’s house.  You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife . . . or anything that is belongs to your neighbor.


But as Jesus responded about the Greatest Commandment Mark 12: 28-31 (page 1551)

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind and with all your strength.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no commandment greater than these.

In the name of the Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming and Worldwide Redemption will be!


American History 2nd Edition – Irvin L. Gordon, an AMSCO publication * (page 719)

The headings are not part of the Declaration of Independence, but have been provided to assist the reader.


         When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Democratic Philosophy: Rights of Individuals and the Purpose of Government

            We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That to secure these rights, governments is instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That whenever any form of government . . . , it is their rights; it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.


            . . . Next, the members decided to keep their debates secret, as most colonial assembles did.  They agreed on secrecy for the simple reason that they decided, at the start of their deliberations, to scrap the Articles and write an entirely new document.  Had this decision been known, several states might well have recalled their delegations.

Note: The Virginia Plan was introduced on 5/29/1787 prepared by Madison and based on the people rather than on the states.

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