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A bit tired, but feeling ok

on April 19, 2012

As much as I could I tried to go over the three chapters that were supposed to be test today in my Sociology 100 class.  I believe I went to sleep about 1 or 2:00 a.m. and I woke up about 4:00a.m. feeling o.k. ready to keep on going, but the cars started going and I felt like 15 more minutes.  Finally, I woke up at 6:00a.m. and I mean going.  I just rushed to MC Donald and then I drove to CSM.  I got dressed and just to make many happy, I dress like yesterday with a tint skirt over my pants.  About three people told that they did like my outfit, so here I am looking like a clown, but feeling happy! I chose it and I like it.  I believe I just look down to whom is talking and I keep on going.  Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude and bad, but one of them was going with someone else and thank her partner because she was more open and tried to put me down.  So my comment is to make people to think a known saying: if you are not going to say absolutely anything positive: “Do not open your big mouth and keep it close.”  Some people have the money to look like magazine model and others do not, but as long as they feel happy and o.k. for themselves.  Who do they think they are?  I put my make up and after eating my breakfast; I was just having half hour to walk and go study again. 

In my way, I thought: “I will make a statement: they want me to flunk because they want to feel smart, I will just go sign my scantrom with my name and go.” after all when people have a need learn from the books and from the attach manual.  It is true, should be easier with a guidance, but if they do not want to teach who cares about them.  At least, I do not.  I will not mention my teacher name because he was a nice person and also a knowledgeable and experience person and I believe the problem is the system: for years it has been operating the same way and many do have a family to support and I do too, but I woke up seating in the wild horse and I have only two choices: ride and keep on riding until the wild horse will learn that my master is keeping me there because he please and not because I do know how to ride in the white horse of the one who is: “I am who I am.” if you know what I mean!

Today, I am thinking about those children who had been forced to kill, those who are put under pressure.  Those who feel rejected and I will tell you trying to share with you:  I do not know what I am doing.  I do not know where I am going.  I do not think I am the best, but for whatever reason he chose us to be pick by others never let them to bother you.  Be positive, feel proud and feel happy of whatever you can do.  Wake up everyday and know you are never alone.  He is always with you.  I will not say how I call him because perhaps you have your own way, but just know that everything is so perfect that he does exist and he always love us and on him you do have a friend, a brother, a sister, all what you need and make you feel happy.  Go stand on front of the mirror and say: “How lucky I am, look, I look o.k.  Look I am feeling great and thank him for absolutely everything.

I did not signed my scantrom because even though I had not plenty of time to go over the material.  I felt confident.  Perhaps he did help me to find the answers and mainly is because sociology is just common sense of our daily living and our society and aside I had read about some of the terms or the main people like MarK, Engels, Weber, Durkheim and some others.   Aside that I felt that many of the sociologist are trying hard to help this world with their inputs.  I just hope that many take their times and truly try to do something for this world.  Let me try to make it easy for you:

On page 284 of Diana Kendall  referring to below text:  “They said or wrote,”

“The problem of inequality lies not in poverty, but in excess.  “The problem of the world’s poor,” defined more accurately turns out to be “the problem of the world’s rich.” This means that the solution to the problem is not a massive change in the culture of poverty so as to place it on the path of development, but a massive change in the culture of superfluity in order to place it on the path of counter development. It does not call for a new value system forcing the world’s majority to feel shame at their traditionally moderate consumption habits, but for a new value system forcing the world’s rich to see the shame and vulgarity of their over consumption habits, and the double vulgarity of standing on other people’s shoulders to achieve those consumption habits.  (Lummis, 1992: 50)”  with this many are being excluded as Manuel Castells’s term explains: ” certain individuals and groups are systematically barred from access to positions that would enable them to have an autonomous livelihood in keeping with the social standards and values of a given social context.  

The biggest problem is that very few people are getting as written in the same book on page 287: For example they wrote: “The poorest 20 percent of the Brazilian population receives less than 3 percent of the total national income, whereas the riches 20 percent of the population receives 63 percent (World Bank, 2003c). and worldwide is worse.

In 1960, the wealthiest 20 percent of the world population had more than thirty times the income of the poorest 20 percent.  By 2000, the wealthiest 20 percent of the world population had almost eighty times the income of the poorest 20 percent and time and technology is making the number of richest smaller and we are in 2012 and in 2008 they wrote” “The global economic crisis may trap 46 million more people below the poverty line, which this organization people below the poverty line, which this organization now defines as living on less than $ 1.25 per day and an additional 53 million people will be living on less than $2.00 a day.

However, this financial crisis worldwide had its origins in the United States, where a real estate asset bubble, fed by a boom in sub prime mortgage lending burst.  At the same time, a number of major banks experienced liquidity and solvency problems.”  Where are we going?  “page 291: ” It is estimated that more than 700 million of Asia’s people are poor and that 455 million of them live in India, where there are more than twice as many poor people as in sub Saharan Africa.  Where are we going.  I am not trying to offend absolutely no one.  I do not think there is a perfect race, but yes: “I am against monarchies, church leaders or others that are trying just to make the most not caring as they are stepping and cutting the throat of the poor.  We in the Bay Area can see many paying 2-3 times a day $ 5 – 7.00 per cup of coffee while many are not even having the $ 1.25 per day.  This is also happening in the United States and I am luckily having that amount to pay for my basic needs, but many other do not.

I do believe in rights, freedoms and democracy.  I do believe in America and its people.  I am just begging to the ones who have the talents to write, much better than I do to help us.  I am inviting everyone to read and peacefully raise their voice using their blogs, using their prayers to beg to their God as I am doing through Eloi Yahweh to help us.  America as written in Remini history book used to be very creative, successful.  America use to make the bucks for many not just for a few people.  Begging for help!


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