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The history of The United States is being change and distort!

on April 17, 2012

If this books were from the web service, I perhaps would understand that people is playing around and changing as they do in Wikipedia (Note I think highly, but is a fact: many add supposedly with good intention), but bottom line: anything in the Internet or the web is like the words that either you like it or not the air takes away!  I know some people do have words and will stand on what they said, but knowing what I discovered: certainly this is not the case and I am advising this World: always put in writing your transactions and not on the web because everything and anyone can change as they please, but what is discuss is the fact that I am holding the two books trying to enhance the lectures because the facts are the facts.  Perhaps the interpretation might vary tiny bit, but if Jefferson was killed like John F. Kennedy that should be written that way.  This is something I heard on radio, not written on the book, but my teacher said: “No, he peacefully die on July 4 in his home.”  In one of the book Jefferson was elected finally Vice-President by the House of Representative and in the other one he was the President.

I made this comment to my teacher, that the book that is the official for our class: oh my God, ashamed of College of San Mateo because I do not know how to write despite the facts of 100 something units earned and not with bad grades, but I feel I present my points and main ideas in chronologically way and trying to follow a point and I am telling you is not always the case due to my bad schooling experience as non-wicked.  Our book is totally the opposite and has nothing to do with my teacher, but it has no feet, no head and as I jumped everywhere never saying who is what, when and how so easy cake to flunk the students.  Do not blame the 670,000 students who are dropping just carrying big debts, no based on my observations what is happening is that we are allowed to add and pursue a career, but never allowed to end it, but many benefit from it: best salaries, well no, that is not the case: teachers are in their majority the freeway fliers running like crazy with part time here, part time there and no benefits.  So who is getting the benefit of the big debts?  I am just wondering! 

I am coming back and forth to this page because they do not want me to grasp an idea to be successful in my test instead I lost my tiny little lights and I ended up spending about $ 12.00 that I do not have to eat decently as I am living on the street because government representatives robbed my 5 properties to make sure I am living under dirty, imperfect conditions no matter how hard I try to keep everything clean and organized.  No they are forcing me not to be able to hold my pi and by the time, I ran to any store from my vehicles what else: I wet my clothes and then they stink and no ones see my posted signs in my trucks aside they cut, damage and so on and forth.  No, I am not kidding, believe me I am not ashamed, ashamed of them. 

If they put me on the street is because: I take shower if possible twice a day.  I do not think it matter to me.  When I am very dirty gets worse for them. I told them: I am ambidextra meaning I will function without problem in clean or dirty conditions and what made me do better is when you push me too much and I get upset.  Then it is that I do it and I do it because I please begging eloi Yahweh to make me stand no matter if he needs to pin me to the floor and hold me with his right hand. 

Now which of the book is distorting or changing.  I do not know, I personally like the presentation of Gordon American history 2nd edition.  present the facts in a way that are clear, not so the other one, but the contradiction between one and the other are very obvious.  Who approved them to be print.  This is not a joke book in which the author is trying to gain an audience and no matter what they do to make us laugh: Excuse me this is the American History of my country and by thou way, I got to the conclusion that I might have double American Citizenship: I probably was born here and as millions others sent back to countries like Nicaragua, Colombia, . . . and then brought back without the language, without friends, without a circle to be destroy as we come with the American dream.  I just remember that back in Nicaragua I learned that America goes from the top North Pole to the bottom South Pole and included North America, Mexico, Central America, Panama and South America.  My children were taught that North American is one continent and then the rest I just hope was another continent when in fact is just one continent not two or so.

I grew up in a poor country, but I am sure that the education there is much higher than in this advance technological country which needs to be importing the technological advance labor because the poor Americans are not allowed to learn properly and we do have the poorest educational system in this I hope hemisphere not to say in this world. Help our children need the good american heart to defend them and we need to dump down those school in which those children had been killed by poor children used for diabolic practices by wicked government that is persecuting us.   Help, help Americans where is your pride for this country.  Don’t let them kill it, to rob our treasure and powers.


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