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It’s hard to digest, but all I can see and read in both history books and Sociology

on April 17, 2012

It’s hard to digest, but all I can see and read in both history books (Remini and ) as well as in Sociology 100 book: Diana Kendall 8th edition is wicked disasters and abuses against not only the citizens of this country, but of this world and I am sure not all of the wicked members are included.  It’s a minority, the ones who owns the assets of this world, the ones that right now it is trying to expand their control, destruction and abuses to this entire world.  I will invite you to read chapter 9 of my sociology book and read with sadness what is happening to one of the most proliferate race: Chinese who are jumping from their dorm workplaces not having any other alternative due to all the abuses they are suffering as they were not lucky for years to have as in the United States: “rights, freedoms” and union representatives.  Yes I wrote inside apostrophes because certainly they are written and many are supposedly representing us, but if what happened to me back in 1988-9 and later about 1994-6.  For God sake neither Safeway Union or Lyon’s restaurant union represented me, but it is true that the fundamentals are written and acknowledge throughout the Law of the Land: “The Constitution” and derivations.  All wealthy people wants is to maximize their profits and this country people’s pride, “rights and freedoms” do not allowed them.  Many are paying cents for their products to be made, but selling them in countries like this multiplying their profits trillions times pennies.  No, they are having poor Chinese people who in this century still slaves physically not only through the use of witchcraft and now days technology.

Any beginning it is the honey moon stage.  Of course the ones who are participating and gaining quite some of the pennies thrown are happy, but for how long?  What I can see through the lines in our screw up history books is that two different type of pilgrims arrived.  Some who were believing and looking for rights and freedoms, but many others were just setting them up and taking advantage of this country.  Also written in the Sociology book: chapter 9: main decisions are made behind the curtains but the elite group and now days expanding not from England to the New World, but to the whole world.  But we must understand that this type of leaders or elite people to preserve their powers as people keep on developing and seeing their real face, goals and abuses.  They become repressive as happened not only in England.  Many are the empires which are gone.  Many are the cultures who reached high levels of technological advances and they are gone.  Wonder why?  Eloi Yahweh, the only God had always been in between them and the poor and the fatherless.  Go read before is late, not because God cannot step on anyone, but perhaps would be much bloody or terrible.  We the Americans, the people gathered together from all over this world, from all type of races, ethnicity and background, the ones who luckily “have some democracy, rights and freedoms can make the difference.


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