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It seem to be I was not so active since April 4, 2012

on April 16, 2012

God, I have been very busy.  This week I am having three test Art 351 which is over.  I am a bit upset.  Many all day long as well as who knows I lost count of how they are trying to force me not to study and to flank my test.  Everywhere is no difference on age, race. gender or status.  I had an incident with an old, tall I believe white: she just put her junk on top of mine without even saying: “excuse me, may I?” No she just loaded and this is not the first time.  Twice ore more an Indian woman just crossed me: she said excuse me, but after the fact: crossing on front of my face saying: third time, I said do not do that!  I am missing my two book lights.  One better than another which I used to use to read.  Yesterday, I went to San Pablo, near Richmond where is a nice grocery outlet: nice people, good prices and a diversity of good products offered.  The manager or owner is an Oriental.  A very nice and respectful man.  I remember the first time I dealt with them it was about 3-4 or perhaps 5 years ago.  They used to have the orchids tiny little plants on sale.  I used to owned hundreds in my Belmont property and I bought quiet some from them.  He even gave me discount price over the sale price.  But that’s not the reason why I am talking about him.  What really motivates me was the way he greed people in his store.  The respect he give to his customers including me.  No less I will say about the grocery outlet in Redwood City and I will not say the same for all the employees.  Some had been nusty and sometimes mean with me, but there is an old, I believe white.  I do not care about races.  Most of the time, I pile them up based on their characteristics and them based on their manners and good being.  This man is white not so tall.  Perhaps not so young and I remember how he did stop another fellow who was bothering me, insulting me as I was just ignoring him as much as I could because I am not that easy going when people really look for me: I never let them just to step on me, but this rollerskated piece of you know what always abused me and offended me and that day I though he was not worth, but he kept on saying and saying and the man who was pushing the cart in the parking lot said: “stop harrassing her.  I do not want no complaints and she is not doing anything to you or so,” it is hard to remember his exact words, but I always think highly about him because he made no difference.  He just saw an abuser.  He did not put me down because, he perhaps do not believe or accept my service to the only God, eloi Yahweh, but as human he did respect me and welcome me in his place.  Many times, I feel force to go spend to those places, but in this two, certainly I many times do not hesitate.  I feel they are giving good prices for the people.  What I sometimes hate is that they made me purchase cosmetics that then they take from me like my little lights.  Yes, I am crying.  I always though very highly of this country.  Can you imagine.  This is the only country in this world that claims rights, freedoms and democracy and I am telling you: “It’s a lie,” “they are lying to us.”  From begining, good number of them felt part of the territory where they arrived and made their life then they formed two parties as the one we do have right now and they are the.  I will not write the word because I do not know if it is bad or good.  I know I heard it many times, but it means they are the worse, not good.  It seem to be that for a while it was a time of good feelings, but then again two group develop and for them the important decisions are made through political ralley and the main is what I will gain and how it is that we can profit the most.  Many laws regulate, but they all ignored and the people do know they are being abuse, neglect, but we do not find a place where to go say: this is the law, this is my right and this is what this or that did: I want justice! 

Among the people who are going around me: forcing me not to study; they rather have me writing thing that perhaps are never publicly post.  There it was a nice “good looking”, but not exactly her misery is too big that her nice attire was not worth to even look.  I always think that no matter how heavy or light you weight or how nice or not so nice you dress.  If you have money of course you will be able to match and have the most “style, fancy and expensive,” dress, and if you don’t you make miracles with dollars and if you can make a statement you are much worth than the ones that with money can have it, but that is not so important: what is important is what you have inside you.  Your own beauty, because if you are not lazy, you will buy cheaper, altered, modified, sew and you will nothing to envy from no one. 

Anyway, let me tell you at San Pablo, I found a better lamp for ten dollars and I laughed thinking that eloi never speaks.  At least, I had never heard him, but he did send me there because I was crying outloud to him because I feel that I am barely studying because of it aside the cold temperature aside other little big details.  I drove a lot and I am sure it was part of their doing to stop me from graduating, but eloi knows what he is doing and I am sure he wants me to observe, accuse and set his banners: meaning, this is the only way, I can say this is what they do and this is how they done so on me! 

For the last 3 weeks I was not allowed to see my baby.  One week because the tired was flat after he made me go to San Jose and wait for 3-4 hours for BounzCity to open.  On Wednesday after I called asking him to let me see him: he finally answered my 5th called and said: he went to Hayward with his grandmother, well, she is not my mother, but part of my forced family. Then on Saturday, my older son could not help me because he felt sick and bad.  Do not wonder, wicked government can make you feel lauzy, sick and so on and forth this is part of my discoveries.  Finally on Sunday, I asked a what time he is coming back home so I can be with him: father said: I do not know a what time they will bring him.  I called baby and he was happy and excited to go with me and he told me on saturday I will be there on Sunday.   To make it short, the father told my older son after many calls that he was going to go get him about noon.  I finally got hold of them at 3:00p.m. and baby said: I want to go with you! yea! Daddy told him they were having a party and that was it.  back and forth yes and no.  Finally and after many little details, I saw him for 2 hours at BounzCity, but because I am serving the only God, eloi Yahweh: Honor MCKenna did not let me have any rights not even a right to file any motion unless they pre-approved it.  For God sake she did not take my rights away, she just condition it to do the same thing: no rights not even to file!, but go through the history of the United States I am not the first one and I am not alone: Millions and for hundreds of years had gone through the same all, same all!

To benefit their party members, in this case not base on Republicans and Democratics, but wicked non-wicked they just denied your rights.  They give your children legal and physical custody to the members who are going to abuse them and will give among themselves the talents of non-wicked so they have not just one degree, but many.  They are so talented: they do know how to play the piano, they are good writers, they are good in the finance, you name it, but all the joke is crushed on the back of the poor and the fatherless who are isolated through the legal system for the sake of wicked who forced non-wicked to procreate, who made us to believe we are in love with them and then through the legal system take our children as their human offers and for their diabolic practices.  Ashamed, and perhaps the ashamed word is to tiny. 


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