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I was about to go, but the misery of wicked U. S. A. government is the worse!

on April 11, 2012

I am overwhelm, not down.  I am prepared for this after many years.  I got two messages: 1) from HP thanking me because I am using the fingerprint password.  “I never done it,” then another reblog your love blog and go to this site.  I used the URL and guess what do not work.  I tried to view my 4-6 Youtube videos and guess what: they are not available.  They are pile together.  I saw them.  I am also having a Vista a vhlcentral homework page that I am supposed to do according to schedule.  For the last two weeks my password do not work.  I reported SEVERAL TIMES, no answer as well as my inquired because I am a Spanish native speaker so: I do not agreed with their Spanish and to verify my concerns I even got the Spain University terminology and I told my teacher, but I got a B and that’s it.  Non-native are getting A’s and not me., but now I cannot even make my assignments.  Today, I was able to use my password, but my assignment record: 100% is not being recorded.

To make it short, I ended up paying about a dollar on pages printed after many struggles and assistance from the library staff because the pages do not exactly print and you do have to play around.

Well that’s no it. No I was having a headache after my first message this day, because a retarded student was in Bldg. 10 DGME 118 lab hurting me: I just walked out because I had been reporting to absolutely everyone at College of San Mateo and the District as well as Skyline College and you are not asking me, but before Easter break, I had to go from my Art 351 class because was not just one.  Were many abusing me as I wrote and my teacher concerned because of their complaint even told me: You came to this class and the issues were not originated here(?) and yes, the question mark is purposely done.  Excuse me as I told him yesterday: “You righfully were concerned about the complaint of your students, but who did care or inform you about mine that had been periodically reported for a year? who care for me? , but worse of all is that he did ask me if I was ok. and not stress or so.  I am really upset about it.  I ended up doing my films alone.  He even told me not to ask to the students, but a lecture was given after some of us including me were doing so: and this is purposely done!  Excuse me! ARE YOU DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME?

But that’s not it: No, my journal book for Sociology 100 was mildew and I am telling you as I go out of my vehicles they go in and do as they please.  My teacher very nicely told me to turn it in that way: nice of her, but mildew is used to create caos in your mind, it is the worse: thanks, but no thanks if you know what I mean.  I am spending again what I do not have.


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