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Wicked gov’t hidding their crime

on March 30, 2012

As I leave any of my vehicles they tresspass my private property. They made scratches on windshield to create imperfect conditions; they parked biggest vehicles that cover my signs; they vandalize; it’s totally shameful. I sometimes wonder until when they’ll realize that they’re just getting muddy and sinking deeply. When are you going to realize that the Wall Street protestors are not poor non-wicked. That the reason why this is happening is because corporation do not want to keep on paying higher salaries & benefits in this country. They were the ones who gave me the amount to suit gov’t, but they were having my baby’s rights. if Eloi wouldn’t be in between: they would be the ones taking it out of this country. Only the wealthy will go as they please & majority as happened in many other empires: “the wealthy abandon their supporters. They’re giving you pennies for your non-wicked suffering, but their high prices products barely allow us to pay the rent as they are the ones getting richer very fast: geometrically.


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