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on March 29, 2012

I am having two projects, a historical report for History 102 and a report for my Sociology 100.  Both ar every interesting and I am excited about.  I visited Filoli and three main churches in San Francisco.  Grace Cathedral, Old Saint Mary and Mission Dolores.  They are all beautiful and a bit different.  I took a lot of photos even of myself that I do not like as much as before, but I am planning to see if I can use one or two for my photography class.  I had not being able to talk to my baby because between the classes, the reports, and the transferring papers and decision I need to make; my time is being absorbed aside the incident that I had yesterday that really concerned me.  I never expected that anyone at CSM would dare to ask me to make a decision not to come, but what most concerned me is that I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HE DARE TO ASK ME AS IF WHAT I HAD BEEN REPORTING FOR A YEAR WAS OR IS A SEPARATE ISSUE.  I am feeling bad about.  Almost a year ago in Building 5 I was discriminated.  I reported to the student body.  To the Dean, to the Vice-President as they told me what in fact was my case: “Homeless are coming and using the bathrooms,” but they forgot that this homeless received a $ 20,000.00 paid bill statement from FAFSA as I was having one of my classes served in that building who is used also as a private business.  They even asked me for $ 20.00 monthly membership as if my classes paid bill was not current to use the bathroom as they were having pipes problems in Building 8 where the students were supposed to use the lockers and bathrooms.  It was intentionally done because many times did happen and as I reported to security they told me once the doors are not closed go around through the swimming pool.  The information after all was changed. 

Today, for the first time I saw someone doing an evaluation from one of my teachers.  I did put the dot on the I.  This is the only way that things will improve or else people are abusing authorities and discretions.  Last semester as I said to my professor and the teacher who done the evaluation as they were walking from Building 10.  I am glad that this evaluation are taking place.  This is the first time, but I will invite you to go to the lab and read the posted sign saying that the hours are from 9am till 9:30p.m., but right now the lab is closing and will open again at 4pm.  No less happened last semester when at critical final exams the lab was closed the last two weeks.  Despite the poor economical condition in which I have been forced for many years.  I did spend the money to participate in Sacramento Convention and I did rent a hotel to be able to make my video.  I spent three days learning to use the lights, to video tape and after all the lab was just closed without a notice.  I was lucky, my son got me a lab top which did happened to have the capacity to create a video. I worked for hours in my car – struggling as many were going by changing it constantly.  making the word program to change the settings.  Closing my pages.  You name it.  My video did have musical and many other effects.  Perhaps did not ended perfectly, but it was having a high standard is not better at least as many others.  I got a “C.”  I always participated in critiques.  I just missed a class because wicked government vandalized my truck at Skyline.  I tried to come using the bus and as I was not able because the driver did not tell me he was going to Downtown San Mateo no CSM.  Believe there also I learned a lesson. 

The sad and hard part for me is that I try to appreciate people.  I had been commanded to observe and accuse, but I am not the one judging.  Most of my teacher because honesty God some are not deserving the title: do know their material.  One of them is Nancy Kaplan Biegel.  SEVERAL TIMES, I PRAISED HER.  SHE IS ONE OF THE BEST JOURNALISM TEACHER, and I know perhaps none of them will do care about my comment, but I will just say NASA FLANK BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE A DEFINE CRITERIA.  NO ONE IS PAYING YOU TO DO WHAT IS NOT CORRECT, NO MATTER HOW MANY HUNDREDS OF YEARS THIS HAD BEEN HAPPENING.  THE DRESS OR THE TITLE DO NOT MAKE US BETTER.  As my teacher Kaplan many others, but some of them are playing tricks: students save their drafts, but they get lost.  Oh God, I remember many of the students making a test in one of my DGME class and they as I were  not able to open Pro Tools.  I opened my big mouth and I did say what I observed: “Every time we opened the system through this channel the I/O are giving us problem.  Like today, trying to set up the head phones.  The set up in Room B where we had been trained are different tha in Room A.  You either test where you train people or you trained on all and test as you please, but the teacher have the last word as I disscovered that they are flunking purposely to many.  Their evaluation do not have the same value because I know what part of the trick is not being considered and I will make sure I publicize it.  To the people and to God, I will say, God go read Knox Case Honor’s word: “The reality of the actuality show is totally different.  Wicked are creating the facts after setting up the person to perform and commit the crime, but the ones who are using the human mind and body I. D.  is their soul.  In short, they are making others guilty of their crime.  Wicked soul’s invade others soul’s home and commit the crime.

Today I saw School Shooting America’s or so as I saw Iraq For Sale.  Berry, a fourteen-year-old was condemned to TWO LIFE IN PRISON AND ++++ and let me tell you there is a seven-year-old in Texas.  I never spoke bad words in Spanish for about 48 years, but for the last 4-5 years is hard not to say the “F” word or as they rolled it back in radio it is suck!  IT IS ASHAMED IS NOT ENOUGH! I am publicly begging for a support for a public accusation and I will not make the mistake that I made in 2010 as they 1) made me go to court 2) Made me accept Eric Hove as my legal representative assistant who on front of me told the Honor and Lance Bayer to remove part of Belmont City Code 22-2 to not let the juror see the alienation of my First Amendment.  You should see me struggling walking with the chains in my feet as one of the deputy forced me disease 3-4 jury trial dates.  She made me vomit 3-4 times and made me clean it and asked to do so in the toilet not in the floor as she was making my mind spin like crazy!

This is their moral: The Sheriff department did serve the domestic violence and restraining order a day after they sent my child rape and it was purposely done.  Bush came to California and he and Arnold Swarzenegger sent my child with a bid forehead bump.  Hon. Greenberg ignored my request to return my War World I Rifle that I turned in complying with the law.  SHE TOTALLY IGNORED ME.  HOW MUCH IS WORTH?  I will not answer.  Honor Weiner told me we were handling a distribution of a deed, but ignored the facts that force the foreclosure.  Order me to get copy of the documents that demonstrated that I asked prior title Co to remove my older son’s name from it and she granted and guess what the Title Co. who REFUSED to give me half of my total equity because they granted half to my son just to have someone agreeing on it ALSO WAS ALLOWED TO SUBMIT THEIR MOTIONS OR PLEADING ON THE COURT ROOM.  I AM NOT A LAWYER.  THERE ARE COURT RULES FOR SERVING AND THEY IGNORED AND FORCED IT KNOWING THAT I WAS NOT ABLE TO KNOW OR REFUTE THEIR ARGUMENTS LEGALLY WITHOUT READING OR INVESTIGATING IN THE LAW LIBRARY.  THE SAME WAS DONE BY HONOR QUENTIN KOPP FOR MY BELMONT PROPERTY AS PLAINTIFF DID NOT FILE OPPOSING FOR MY JURY TRIAL GRANTED AND TRANSFERRED FROM REDWOOD CITY TO THE SOUTH CITY COURT.  QUENTIN KOPP TOLD HIM WHAT TO DO AND ALLOWED TO USE THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY LIBRARY AS HONOR WEINER DID NOT LET ME DO HERE IN REDWOOD CITY.  YOU SHOULD HEAR HONOR MC KENNA ASKING BABY’S DADDY IF HE WAS REQUESTING CHILD SUPPORT:  HE RESPONDED, “NO,” but she did granted and denied my request to increase the misery that he is not even giving me since February $ 127.00 per month after wasting my life for almost 15 years and forced me to marry to him as he saw me growing economically.  It took me almost 3 years to gain my divorce because they did not want to acknowledge the transmutation marital agreement that he signed and they did divorce us as they knew I was forced to lose everything through the forced foreclosure.

No, that nothing you should see Lance Bayer, the special San Mateo City and Belmont lawyer representative in my cases sho made Ershi Gu et all to swear that no charges were going to be ask for absolutely anything as they denied my request to stop the vacate notice as they release me from Santa Clara Jail where they held me for almost 30 days WITHOUT COMMUNICATION, WHERE THEY FORCED DRUGS AND OVERDOSE ME AND AS I ARRIVED TO REDWOOD CITY ONE OF THEM TOOK MY WRITTEN COPY OF THE PAPERS THAT WITH DIFFICULTIES I SUBMITTED THROUGH THE ADMINISTRATION OPPOSING TO WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO ME JUST ABUSING AUTHORITY.

The worse of all they released me under a conservatorship not informing me.  I filed the Ex-Parte to try to stop the notice to vacate the next day as I was release late on Friday.  I worked hard on the papers through the weekend.  I filed and served since saturday and the presiding judge just denied my request, but Ershi Gu et all forgot what they swear under oath and file for $ 25,000.00 as the title company filed to force me to receive the money without opposing or not releasing them for the California code the known of the unknown.  Virginia Bottarini did tell me that the records were not found and the presiding judge was on vacation on that date that he never presided the ex-parte hearing.  My son went to pick me up to the court on that Monday.  I HAD BEEN CALLING THEM PIGS AND COWARDS NOT BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO IRRESPECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY, BUT BECAUSE THIS IS A WAY TO RELEASE PART OF ALL THE ABUSES THAT I HAD BEEN SUFFERING.   SUPPORT PUBLIC ACCUSATION.

I trully believe that Hon. Buckwald is one of the most honest person in the system as Hon. Borjas in RWC, but he did one of the most terrible things.  He dismissed my Belmont property first jury trial transferred to South City and he said: “This will bring a lot of cases against corporations.”  Millions of Americans who lost their dream homes through foreclosure can found arguments throughout my issues. 



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