In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I read the most stupid thing ever: ‘”RAGNAROK the doom of the gods, when god die, life begins”

on March 28, 2012

Perhaps because they are making everything and anything, “gods,” because the only God, Eloi Yahweh do not die.  He does not die; he renew and start everyday, every second as someone is born because he lives on us and us is not just we, we.  US is the U N I V E R S E, not only this little foot stool of him called Earth.  Go read the Holy Bible and find out is near loved and beloved.  They are called proverb and almost at the end where the matter is written there you will find it.  We, we are the “SHE,” he gave us just one rib and perhaps less than it.  But this is enough attention to that ridiculous thing being presented in Berkeley is like the stupid movie that is showing God appearing everywhere for that man who was refusing to do as he please.  God might or is Black, White, Latino, Chinese, Japanese, Indian whatever.  At least this movie made laugh because God never show himself.  He did historically just with Moses, but so far I had not read that he did or else.  Yes he fought with Israel and hurt his muscle, but he did believe in him not because he saw him with his eyes.  He did with his soul’s eye and did believe in him.  For us the 40 years that the Jewish wander in the desert are quite some, but in reality it is not for him.  Was he training him or them?  I’ve no doubt, many can make us go everywhere not wishing, but not understanding that we are doing so and he had being trying to teach us.


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