In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Well, Ready to request a meeting w/H. Villareal at CSM w/copy to Chancellor Galotolo

on February 28, 2012

No, it is not much what I can write or say, but you are not going to believe what thousands at least up to 670,000 just in CA college are going through.  Spring 2011 I got a 7units class from 11:10 a.m. till about 3:00p.m.  According to Prof. Remitz DGME Department error, but He saw my registration paper and he asked me to add DGME 265.  He signed the paper and I did submitted.  Now. the class which documents he signed to add was part of the 7 units class.  If anything I was DOUBLE REGISTER IN THE CLASS.  FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR FOLLOWED UP AND APPROVED CLASS IN MY SEP.  I DID NOT ONLY SPENT TIME ON THE REGULAR HOURS OF THE CLASS.  No, I stayed on production dates so meaning on Wednesdays sometimes we were there all day long and sometimes until late at night until The San Matean was sent to be print.  Sometimes about every other week I was coming on Thursdays to distribute the newspapers and so on and forth.  Many times left waiting, but that something else.

Professor Remitz called role not always, but many times.  I did not missed no class!, but almost at the end of the semester, JUST MY BOOKS AND DOCUMENTS WERE STOLEN IN OAKLAND IN THE PLACE WHERE MY SECOND SON USED TO LIVE AT 5 Embarcadero West.  To make it short.  Money and all my belonging were in my truck because I am homeless due to the religious persecution I am suffering from government of the U. S. A. not are not REPRESENTING US, BUT CORPORATIONS, MONARCHIES LIKE LEE AND SOME OTHERS AND ELITE -WEALTHY PEOPLE.  Poor pay the highest prices, but most of the credit given are not for us because underneath a wicked religious group members are getting the credits.  They forced us to get in love, marry or procreate and then with court system take the children of non-wicked to abuse them and guess what the tax preparer give the credit to or among wicked people, but the ones like me that could get credit as students do not.

Now going back to my issue w/ Dean Enrollment Services who denied my request because the SMCollege District have defficiencies in their system DGME CSM program has DGME 265 as 4 units and Skyline has Journalism 300 as 3 units:”Same class, same purpose and goal” One called The San Matean and the other one The Skyline View.  Both prepared to be publish on Wednesdays and publicly served on Thursdays.  No difference, just the unit that I am missing to be able to request my AA Certicate, but I PAID FOR THE COURSE THROUGH FAFSA AND BY THOU WAY THOUSANDS. I SPENT THE WHOLE SEMESTER AND EVEN THOUGH PROFESSOR REMITZ CALLED THE ROLE ONCE IN A WHILE AND FAIRLY MORELIKELY EVERY CLASS, BUT HE HIMSELF TOLD: “I was not register as Administration did too.” 

No, it is discusting! I TOTALLY AGREED WITH YOU!, BUT you should hear one of them whose name I will not mention yet who dare to ask to confirm if the same person issue a citation to me as I accused that person of being discriminating, harrassing me.  Please read in between the line because I am dumb, but not stupid and I am telling you absolutely everything.  No moral, no ethics and they do believe I will pay the price just because they are in power.  No, believe, I will not.  I am begging God, eloi Yahweh to handle.  If they did not graded my course, if they ripped of or disappeared my registration, if they robbed my books and documents to force to flaunk my classes.  God do know my many hours of efforts, study and dedication as they are trying to force me to believe that I am not capable.

I do not “rebuzno because God made me a human”  I am proud to be human not a geek, not a wire. I am proud to have choices; I am proud to be his image.  Someone who think and tried to process the data to create, to digest, to have inputs in this world: positive or negative, but ideas that will make people to think about us.  I am proud to be an American, a dreamer of rights and freedom.  I am proud to be his servant and I am begging for help and support publicly accusing not only Government people not representing the American people who are robbing, killing, discriminating, harrassing, raping and abusing millions for the sake of very few who believes in witchcraft and are using this country for their sakes.  Absolutely anything against the religious believe and practices, they are part of our Constitutional rights and freedoms, but if you are forcing people, if you are subjugating people taking advantage of what I discovered: Mind and body is the soul’s home.  The best computer ever made THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO BY THE ONE WHO IS, ELOI YAHWEH.


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