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on February 24, 2012

I am feeling frustrated.  All night I was abused in many ways.  Three vehicles followed me and then  “beggar was going around”  They forced to not wash my mouth and tried to 1) made my vovels to go.  Did not happened until this morning.  24 hours fitness dud forced me. and 2) they tried to harm my throat, right now, I am at the 18 building Spanish lab where assignments set up was changed, but a lady that happened to be I will say everywhere where I go is here and is using my top right microship.  I sneeze, but I do not think it will happened.  God said: “NO ONE WILL PUT YOU DOWN,” and I am sure he meant it.

Certainly, I cannot understand this people.  They are ignorants, they do not know God’s word and I am believing they think they are the ones who created it, but God does inspired some of us.  I am feeling frustrated because my son gave me a HP lab top which is supposed to have a good internet connection but does not work when I really needed.  Sometimes it does, but not always and believe me.  Spanish assgnments for two weeks is about 50 or so.  I do believe is outrageous.  I cannot imagine anyone who do not know the language to be able to do all of them on time.  I spent 10 hours on day and I am not done!

My DGME 118 class got me to the conclusion that with catalog and manual we can do better alone because my teacher is not teaching us.  He does not make sure that the program are set up the way he is teaching and that the lab tops at lab and the studios perform exactly the same.  I DO NOT FEEL DUMB BECAUSE I NEVER LEARNED THE PROGRAM: PRO TOOLS IS NOT REQUIRED, BUT I NOTICED HOW SCREW UP THE STUDENTS DEPENDING FROM WHERE YOU ARE OPENING IT.  Many were having problems as the were making the test because of it.  A good teacher, teach and is measure based on the many who were able to learn from his teaching. 

The problem is California School Board who leave up to the professor the grades, but how do they measure their teachings.  They are sucks! 670,000 students JUST IN CALIFORNIA COLLEGE ARE DROPPING AND ARE MANY THE SPANISH SPEAKING STUDENTS DROPPING AT HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL.  No wonder why they did not let me write about at The Skyline View.


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