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To Love

on February 23, 2012

Well, I am trying to tell you what for me is to LOVE, but someone else is deciding to post and he or she did TURN OFF MY COMPUTER.  Love is a short word, but its meaning is so huge.  For me love is the one who is.  The one who is there always when I look for him.  The one who always say something even though I cannot hear him.  The one who always respond when I call him and give me the peace I am looking for.  Last night I read about Loved and beloved.  They say is the younger sister, but I feel it is there much more than that.  She is the one who seem to be much more in love, but at the same time seem to be young.   Meaning who is the one who at that age do not get in love with love?  Don’t we all, find love in the man or that woman who is what we dream to find to honor and obey, but mainly do as we both are expecting to do.

YOUR SECOND STRONGEST LOVE SHOULD BE FOR YOURSELF.  I had heard about people who are crash when “their fake love,” ended up loving someone else and they go down.  WHY?  Yes, I am asking you dumb! You better read my above line written in CAPITAL LETTERS (aloud), but for you to get it.  I love my Mexican Poem who someone read for me and I grabbed it in my heart: When I lost you.  You and I had lost, but between you and I.  You lost the most, because I will love others as I used to love you, but NO ONE WILL LOVE, ‘(HONOR AND OBEY)’ YOU AS I DID!



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