In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on February 23, 2012

WATCH OUT! BARELY EVER WE GET TO KNOW OTHERS.  For more than 15 years, I lived a liar!  You honor, the one who love you, but if he doesn’t you love and honor yourself.  Obey only God and I mean the one who is because no men it is he, the one who is who he is.  We can get agreements and we can go for what we both believe is rightful. Don’t you ever love the one who do not love you, but honor and respect yourself because if you do you are honoring him.

Love is not something we can really touch, but we feel and think we are in love so we should try to listen to what we in common feel and what it is that make us happy and make us to feel satisfy.  Obey your inner thoughts, your common senses.  Obey what you agreed on doing, but never go for what others think, want or are deciding for you to do, be or believe.  You better honor your own ideas, your own feeling and your own wishes.  NO ONE EVER SHOULD BE AHEAD OF YOU.

Love, honor and obey are the trio blog I decided to write about for my DGME 101, but honesty God.  I cannot advise what I do not believe.  I obey only God because I am his, but no one else than me after him.  I do not give a dumb about what people want, think or wish and it is not because I think just about me, but because I discovered that they decided that I am their servant and they like to use my mind and body computer for their printing or others assignments, but I believe what is written in the Constitution of this country.  I DO HAVE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AND YOU ARE SUCKS-LIARS AND I HAD NEVER AGREED WITH WEALTHY OVER AND DECIDING FOR MIDDLE OR LOW CLASSES. Image


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