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on February 23, 2012

You honor the one you love; you honor and obey the one who loves you and respect you.  The one who goes out to work hard; the one who tries to learn and improve to give you the best that is there.  The one who thinks about you before he thinks about himself.  The one who enjoys seeing you happy.  You honor his thoughts.  You honor his ideas and you support them.

You support them because you know he loves you and he is trying hard for you, but if for any reason you truly believes he is wrong.  Say it, but without hurting his feelings.  Say it, just letting him to hear your own ideas, but never say that you think he is wrong.  Instead honor his ideas, but highlight your own so that he will be able to catch your silent or hidden message.  More likely he will try to please you and he will grab your thoughts to please you.

Honor him at all places and with all people.  If his “friend” feels that he can offer you what he does not know you do have in big quantities, just say.  Thanks, but my honey gave me plenty and I am full.  Happens a lot just to harm you and him, but if you are smart you will know how to honor him.

Always make him to feel very special and make sure that the ones who loves you do know that for you he is the one.  Believe me they will give him the respect and love they give you and will make him to feel welcome, acknowledge,  and respect.

Honor him no matter your economic conditions or status.  I am sure he will make sure that you have plenty and he will look forward to see you having all you wish.


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